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Revive the Beauty of your Natural Stone Floors With Our Restoration, and Maintenance Services

Is your natural stone floor, limestone, marble or slate, looking etched, worn-out, dull, or losing grout?

Got ceramic and porcelain tile showers? 
Using state of the art equipment, techniques, and EPA approved environmentally friendly solutions,
Our company provides these services for Residential and Commercial 

Natural stone care restoration: Floors

Restoration of scratched, damaged, or dull natural stone floors. If your marble, limestone, travertine, granite, or slate floor is tired of daily wear and tear, dirt, and foot traffic. We can take care of it. Resealing stone floors is highly recommended at least once a per year. We provided the following services:

    -Re-polish and re-seal, bring back their original honed, matte, or polished look. 

    -Clean, stripping, and re-seal slate floors.

    -Honed marble, travertine, and limestone floors.

    -Repair non-structural cracks, fissures, and holes in any stone flooring.

    -Deep cleaning, patching, and re-sealing tile and grout.

Residential tile and grout deep cleaning

We use the latest and most advanced technology in the market today to restore your floors back to their natural beauty.  Leaving your home looking cleaner and feeling healthier for you and your family.​


-Our process removes dirt, grime, oil & bacteria from your tile and grout lines

-Restores floors to a "like new" appearance

-Our EPA approved and environmentally friendly solutions leave floors cleaned and sanitized

-All work is a guarantee with high-quality control, Licensed, insure and highly trained technicians

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Commercial tile and grout cleaning and sealing

We specialize in floor care, minimal downtime, and all work is guaranteed.

We do commercial cleaning and sealing for areas such as lobbies, breezeways, pool decks, restrooms, restaurants, sidewalks, and more.

We use the latest and most advanced technology in the market today to ensure the protection of your investment. Fast and more efficient than traditional floor cleaning methods.


-Our process removes dirt, grime, and bacteria from your tile lines.

Restores your floors to a "like-new" appearance

-We use environmentally friendly solutions

-Licensed, insured, and highly trained technicians

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