Over 28 years of experience in stone restoration, 12 years in Calgary. We are the 1st company in Calgary to do granite & other natural stone repairs.
AB Granito is 100% committed to providing excellence and the best possible customer service to those who entrust us to take care of their granite needs.

Building on over 28 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge and skills to ensure your natural or engineered stone countertops are looked after

perfectly.  When you work with AB Granito we do our best to remove all the stresses related to repairing and installing granite in your home or business.

We will make sure all the little details are taken care of so you can sit back and enjoy your granite.

AB Granito is fully bonded and insured. We strive to reach for the best possible results,

following the highest quality standards in the industry.

We use the finest supplies in the market and our workmanship is beyond compare.

Many Calgary granite shops entrust us with their customers’ repairs- so can you!


Ruben started learning to work with natural stones back in 1990, when he partnered with his father-in-law, a stone enthusiast, working at that time in the tough business of marble quarries. His father-in-law also had his own factory and was supplying stone to other marble factories and other industries.

Ruben and his family were in the field of installing and renovating marble floors, both commercial and residential. They also installed terrazzo, foot-by-foot tile, and the very popular styles of marble remnants and grounded marble. They also performed other applications such as landscapes and facades.

In 1996, while working in this field, Ruben discovered the excellent and trendy niche of marble and granite countertops supplied by large importers from all over the world. Since then, the countertop business has become his family’s passion. No other surface enhances the beauty of kitchens and bathrooms like granite and marble.

AB Granito enjoys helping builders and residential owners enhance and maintain beautiful living spaces.

Because of Ruben’s years of experience in installing stone flooring, he added stone flooring maintenance as a supplementary service to countertops. Ruben discovered that those best equipped to re-finish and maintain marble and limestone floors are those who installed them. Years later, AB Granito would also find this to be a valuable service for its clients.

In 2006, Ruben and his family were invited by his father-in-law to come to Calgary. He had been in Calgary since 2001, and he told Ruben there was a tremendous market opportunity in his trade due to Calgary’s fast-pace growth. Ruben took the plunge and moved his family to Calgary that year.

When first in Calgary, Ruben and his son Felipe worked for several granite shops, where they learned the local methods of granite and marble installation. They became acquainted with Canadian customers’ expectations for high quality. Before long, Ruben and Felipe realized they were ready to offer their own expertise in the trade. AB Granito was created, and since then has grown and helped many granite shops and thousands of clients in installing, maintaining, and solving unexpected issues with granite, marble and engineered stone countertops and residential natural stone floors.

AB Granito continues to develop and refine its techniques. Its employees regularly attend paid seminars, fairs, and courses offered by specialized suppliers. Through this education, AB Granito has accessed a portfolio of many different methods of approaching fabrication, repairs, or maintenance. This large portfolio, combined with many years of experience, allows them to choose the most refined and effective methods for each unique situation. AB Granito continues to develop better and easier ways to perform their services, as it continues its journey toward perfecting the trade.

Ruben’s father-in-law passed away in Calgary in 2013...

but his spirit and legacy live on today in his family-owned business.


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