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Over 28 years of experience in stone restoration, with 14 years in Calgary. We were the first company in Calgary to do granite & other natural stone repairs. AB Granito in 100% committed to providing excellence, and the best possible customer service, to those who entrust the care of their natural stone countertops, and floors, to us we have extensive knowledge, and skills, to ensure they are looked after perfectly.

When your work with Ab Granito we do our best to remove all the stresses related to repairing and restoring your countertops and floors.

AB Granito is fully bonded and insured. We strive to reach for the best possible results,

following the highest quality standards in the industry.

We use the finest supplies in the market and our workmanship is beyond compare.

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Our History

Our background in the stone industry started three-generation ago in Colombia. Everything began with Jose, my father-in-law, working for 24 years in the marble industry on his own marble quarry. Like every miner entrepreneur, he was full of hopes for a better life, from the rocks, for his family and the generations to come. 

Seeing Jose's enthusiastic love for the marble and the limitless opportunities the industry offers, I decided to join him in 1989 in a partnership managing the production plant of marble and granite. After 30 years of working in the field, I can say that we love what we do and we only do what we know. 

2006 was a big challenge, we decided to come to Canada with the marble flame still alive. It only took two years to get back on track, and in March 2008 AB Granito was born.

The Dream 

In 2010 Felipe my son join the business, in 2012 my oldest daughter Camila joined the company on the administration field and the youngest of my kids Carolina said okay, I'm in and now we are a family business working on the same dream fulfilling my father-in-law vision. 

When you love what you do and enjoy what we do there are no chances to stop growing, that is why in 2019 was a big milestone in our family dream! We acquire The granite Guys an established and well know granite company.

AB Granito and The Granite Guys keep us busy and definitely lots of room for generations to come. That's what we meant for family business a business owned and operated by family. 




Not only did I had the support from my father-in-law in the beginning but this tale is missing someone special my wife Liliana. She worked really hard in Colombia helping her father on the quarry along with her siblings and not only did she worked hard she works hard on keeping the family together in this dream.

My father-in-law Jose passed away in Calgary in 2013, his spirit and legacy live on today on our business.

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